Resolve Your Issues Outside the Courtroom

Resolve Your Issues Outside the Courtroom

As a mediator Debra Crane gets it done!

In Colorado, if you cannot come to agreements during court proceedings, you may be required to go through mediation.

Even if not required, it may be in your best interest because mediation can significantly lower the cost of divorce.

I have years of experience as a family mediation attorney and a passion for helping families find the best resolutions for them.

Dealing with a divorce can be stressful, especially when you and your spouse disagree on many issues.

Divorce mediation can help you come to agreements over difficult issues, such as asset division, maintenance, child support, parenting time and more.

Settlement through mediation is less stressful than litigation and the agreement reached is more likely to be honored.

I will help you find creative solutions to your unresolved issues. My goal in mediation is to help you both reach an agreement respectfully. Once an agreement is reached you can finalize your divorce with the court.

Mediation is confidential. I do not represent either party. I am neutral. You are in comfortable separate rooms during mediation.

What you each tell me is confidential and not repeated to the other party. I talk to you individually about what you think is a fair settlement and your reasoning behind your proposed settlement.

With my background as a counselor and a degree in psychology, I have the skills and experience to understand complex motivations and cut through the painful stories that confuse the issues.

I am able to quickly identify what is most important to each party and eliminate the side issues that clutter what needs to be done.

Divorce mediation doesn't have to be as stressful as you may think.

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