Debra Crane is a family law attorney located in Evergreen, CO and serving the Denver metro area

Debra Crane is a family law attorney located in Evergreen, CO and serving the Denver metro area

Of course I've got 30 years of family law experience, all the relevant certifications and a winning record.

But that is just the ticket into the game. What you need to know is that I've also got your back.

Ever feel like a number to your attorney in a one size fits all practice? Concerned that only the very biggest clients will get all the attention? Feel lost, confused, overwhelmed or helpless to control what is happening?

Navigating a divorce takes a toll. Intellectually. Financially. Emotionally. You have enough worries.

Don't let wondering what your lawyer is doing be one of them.

Make the Best Decisions Possible for Your Family

With my background as a certified mediator, I understand the benefits of reaching an agreement through negotiations.

It is far less expensive than a contentious divorce bitterly fought out in the courtroom. I have the ability to gain consensus through rational discussion with your spouse’s lawyer avoiding the costly legal battles that rarely have a satisfactory result.

I have a 95% settlement rate but can also be a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom when needed. I have earned the respect of judges, clerks and opposing attorneys through a tenacious defense of my clients’ rights.

If you are in the Evergreen, CO, or Denver metro area, you can count on Attorney Debra Crane for Family Law expertise.

Contact us today to begin working on your family law issues.

Rely on a caring attorney for your legal needs

A fair settlement means each gets what is rightfully theirs and each gives up a little something they would rather keep.

The last thing you want is the judge determining which assets you get and how much time you can see your kids. I will be there for and help you put down your worries. I’ve got you.

Go with a family law firm that brings experience and compassion to every situation.

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What Do You Worry About?

"I worry that I can't afford my bills and legal fees"

"I worry that it will be overwhelming and I won't have the energy to keep track of everything I have to do for the divorce."

"I worry my kids will have to move from the only home they've ever known"

"I worry we will spend so much money on the divorce there won't be anything left to split up"

"I worry I will lose everything I've worked so hard for"

"I worry that my spouse will be controlling and will take unfair advantage of me"

"I worry we will fight so much that we won't be able to coparent after the divorce"

I can help with that!

I can help with that!