Family Lawyer

Debra has practiced exclusively in family law for more than 30 years, first in the State of Michigan, later in Illinois and now in Colorado. Debra was Of Counsel to a prominent Chicago law firm before expanding her practice into Colorado to pursue a more active lifestyle and to be closer to her son. She has counseled clients in Divorce, Property Division, Property Settlement Disputes, Retirement Asset, Division, Spousal Support, Separate Maintenance, Legal Separation, Post Judgment Actions, Prenuptial Agreements, Post Nuptial Agreements, Child Custody, Parenting Time, Child Support, Child Support Enforcement, Child Support Modification, Paternity, Change of Domicile/Relocation, Facilitative Mediation.

Debra has litigated child-related issues, property and financial matters for many years. She has an excellent rapport with her fellow family law attorneys, which allows her to effectively resolve cases as often and as amicably as possible. Yet, should negotiations fail, Debra is an experienced litigator and an articulate and agile courtroom advocate for her clients. Debra's experience and demeanor allow her to be a compassionate yet aggressive attorney as she advocates fiercely for her clients.

In Michigan, Debra was in private practice as a family law attorney and mediator for many years. She was also court-appointed and served as a case evaluator on a panel of attorneys to evaluate and settle a variety of cases. Debra successfully settled even the toughest divorce cases saving the parties continued distress and costs. Debra strives to protect her client's interests and future and to enable her clients and their families to maintain a relationship in the best interest of the children after the divorce proceedings are concluded.

Debra underwent extensive training to become a certified Family Law Mediator in Cook County. She is also proud to have successfully completed the Cook County Circuit Court's rigorous screening process to become an approved Child's Representative/Guardian ad Litem. In fact, Debra was an active member of the Child Representative Screening Committee.

Debra understands and empathizes with the anguish her clients experience during litigation. She works closely with her clients to ensure they have the knowledge and understanding of the divorce process and strives to give them the personal attention they need and deserve to navigate the legal system to the conclusion of their case. Debra is a strong advocate for her clients.

Debra received her Juris Doctor from Detroit College of Law and her bachelor's degree in psychology from Oakland University. She is a member of the Colorado Bar Association.

Outside of the office: Debra enjoys yoga, skiing, kayaking, hiking with her Samoyed dog named Avi, reading and knitting.