Ending a Marriage Can Be Difficult

Ending a Marriage Can Be Difficult

Let a divorce attorney in Evergreen, CO provide guidance during your separation

Divorce is never easy on anyone, but a divorce attorney can make the process more manageable. The Law Office of Debra D. Crane can assist you when you need to file for divorce.

From division of assets to child custody and beyond, Attorney Debra Crane knows the ins and outs of divorce law. She can work with accountants and real estate appraisers to help both parties handle their finances and home sale, if necessary. With her guidance, you can reach a divorce settlement with as little stress as possible.

Contact the Law Office of Debra D. Crane today to talk about your divorce with an attorney.

Work with a professional to handle the division of your assets

A divorce attorney can make your divorce go as smoothly as possible. Attorney Debra Crane provides all legal services necessary to assist her clients with their family Law matters consisting of:

Property Division
Property Settlement Disputes
Retirement Asset Division
Spousal Support
Separate Maintenance
Legal Separation
Post Judgment Actions
Prenuptial Agreements
Post Nuptial Agreements
Child Custody
Parenting Time
Child Support
Child Support Enforcement
Child Support Modification
Change of Domicile/relocation
Facilitative Mediation

Trust an Evergreen, CO attorney to help you obtain a reasonable divorce agreement. Contact the Law Office of Debra D. Crane now to discuss your situation.