Protect Your Parental Rights

Protect Your Parental Rights

Rely on a child custody attorney in Evergreen, CO

After a divorce or separation, you may find yourself at odds over child custody. In these cases, you need a child custody attorney to help both parties reach a fair agreement. The Law Office of Debra D. Crane can help.

Attorney Debra Crane can guide you through child custody law and develop a plan that works for everyone involved. She will advise you on the best course of action. Then, she will mange the process with the courts on your behalf.

Work with an Evergreen, CO attorney to secure the child custody agreement that works for you. Contact Attorney Debra Crane today to get started.

Make important decisions about your family's future

If you have not worked with a child custody attorney in the past, you may not know what they can do for you. Attorney Debra Crane can help you with every aspect of custody law, including:

Parenting time
Parental rights
Parent-child relocation
Child support enforcement
Child support modification
Grandparent visitation rights

Child custody law is a vast and complex area of the law that a professional attorney can help you navigate. Hire the Law Office of Debra D. Crane in Evergreen, CO to help you handle your situation.